Project Mei Privacy Policy

Lastly amended on: 28 April 2019
1. General

Project Mei (“We/Us/Our/Ours”) created this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) because We respect your privacy as the user of Project Mei. This Policy represents what information that We collect, how We use it, and to whom We may disclose such information.

When using Project Mei, you understand and agree to bind yourself to this Policy, so therefore, We highly recommend you to always understand this Policy well.

This Policy is an electronic document that binds every user of Project Mei. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT OR DO NOT AGREE TO BIND YOURSELF TO THIS POLICY, PLEASE DO NOT USE PROJECT MEI.

We may make amendments to this Policy and such amendments shall be effective when We you are on the website. You shall be fully responsible to always see this Policy periodically and understand it.

Capitalized terms or words in this Policy shall have the same meaning as the capitalized terms or words in the Terms of Use document.

This Policy shall be one unity with the Terms of Using Project Mei Website document (“Terms”), jointly the Terms and Policy documents shall be referred to as Agreement documents (“Agreement”), so that in the use of this Policy it shall be read, understood, and accepted jointly with the Terms document.

2. Information that We Collect

By using Project Mei, you grant Us the permit to access, collect, and use your information, whether available in your Account.

The information that We collect is among others the user name, email address, gender, photos, videos, address, location, personal description, financial information, preferences, the contents of your conversations with the customer service personnel of Project Mei, IP address, information on your cellular phone, including its operating system, and other information that We need.

When you access Project Mei, We may send cookie(s) to your computer or cellular apparatus, and through that/those cookie(s) We may automatically access, collect, and use the information regarding your activities, including the websites that you visited and the time you visited those websites. We have also installed pixel tags (also frequently referred to as web beacons or GIFs) in websites, ads, and emails used to access the cookie(s) to see your activities or to fathom the popularity of Project Mei as well as other services that We provide.

If you use Project Mei website, We may use the information regarding your computer and cellular phone to access, collect, and use the information regarding your activities.

Those cookie(s), pixel tags, or information regarding computer and cellular phone may be used by Our affiliates in conformity with their needs, e.g. a marketing company may use it to fathom their ads and an analyzing company may use it to analyze the use of the application.

3. How We Use the Information on You

We may use the information on you that We have collected, including but not limited to:

  1. Provide and improve the performance of Project Mei and Our other services;
  2. Manage your Account and provide you with customer service;
  3. To do research and make analysis on how you use Project Mei and other websites;
  4. Communicate with you through emails, telephone, correspondences, or other forms of communication for commercial or non-commercial purposes;
  5. Conduct marketing activities;
  6. Send gifts to you related to Our events; and
  7. Uphold Our rights pursuant to the Terms of Use of Project Mei Website.
4. To Whom We May Disclose Information on You

Besides those set forth in the Terms, We may also disclose the User’s Information in case We together with Our affiliates collaborate to and/or provide a service to you, including but not limited to the form of customer service, marketing assistance, conduct of survey, and other services that We offer. In such a case, the User’s Information shall only be used to provide such service and not for other purposes.

5. How We Protect Information on You

In consideration of the explanation in number (4) of this Policy, in general We will always try to apply safeguarding to protect the User’s Information from access or disclosure made without getting permit from Us in advance and in violation of law. However, We shall not fully ensure that the information on you will always be safe and protected.

You shall be obligated to apply safeguarding to protect such information from access or disclosure made without getting permit in advance or in violation of law.

6. Privacy Policy of Third Parties

Third parties or Our affiliates may have their respective privacy policies that may be different in the arrangement and implementation from Our policy, so We highly recommend you to understand the privacy policies of Our affiliates or those third parties. So long as not in conflict with this policy, by using Project Mei you shall be deemed to have understood, accepted, and been bound by those respective privacy policies.

7. How We May Access Information on You

When you have your Account, you may access the information on you through the settings in Project Mei. You shall be responsible and obligated to always update the information in your Account in the event of changes.