About Us

Project Mei is an artist management company that focuses on creating tailor-made sales and marketing strategies, as well as personalized studio operating procedures for represented artists. Currently, Project Mei represents artist studios both locally and internationally:

  • Abenk Alter Studio (Jakarta)
  • Kanoko Takaya Studio (Bali)
  • Natisa Jones Studio (Amsterdam)
  • Tara Kasenda (Paris)

Our founder, Melin Merrill begins her career in the Indonesian art industry as early as 2014 where she co-founded and directed RUCI Art Space. Under her direction, the gallery successfully nurtured the professional development of young artists and cultivated a new demographic of young collectors. With the experience of building and running a gallery, Melin established Project Mei in 2019. As an artist studio management company with an online gallery platform, they have several divisions to help promote represented and non-represented artist through their private sales division and through collaborative or independent exhibitions. We aim to continuously provide the public and our collectors the best of new and emerging Indonesian contemporary art.

Our services extend to provide end-to-end project management services for gallery exhibitions, private and corporate clients in both sourcing and commissioning new artworks.