About Project Mei

Project Mei is an Indonesian based online gallery that provides a borderless alternative avenue for the exposure of Indonesian contemporary art to the growing online community of collectors in the country and globally. We assist artists in portfolio development, provide a digital platform to exhibit, sell, and to share information revolving around arts and culture.

Art has a profound power to impact our daily lives. By setting the cultural landscape, art engages the individuals and communities which then shapes the minds, environment, the world through a deeper perspective.
Melin Merrill - Founder
About The Founder
Project Mei is initiated out of the growing need to support the sustainability of artistic practices. This will be Melin's second commercial venture in the development of Indonesia's art industry. Prior, she co-founded and was the Director of an Indonesian contemporary art gallery in Jakarta, RUCI Art Space, from 2014 - 2018, where she created & implemented strategies for business development, sales & marketing, and company structures & policies. Under her direction the gallery successfully nurtured the professional development of young artists and cultivated new collectors.

Office Hours for Shipment & Delivery
Monday to Thursday
09.00 - 17.00
Closed during Indonesian public holidays

Address: Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone id: (+62) 858 101 44728

E-mail: create@projectmei.art