Purchasing Artwork
Once you have completed all the informations in the Inquiry section, Project Mei, within 24 hours will send you a Reservation Confirmation with an invoice for the artwork to your email. You will need to complete the payment within 48 hours. Please note that you will receive one invoice for the artwork and a separate invoice for the shipment and delivery.
Hang in tight as we prepare to transform into a full e-commerce platform with payment gateway. In the meantime, Project Mei offers payment via bank transfer.
Upon the completion of the Inquiry section, you will receive a Reservation Confirmation email from Project Mei within 24 hours which will inform you if the artwork is available for your purchase. It is possible that you may be placed on a Waiting List, in which Project Mei will notify you on the availability of the artwork within 48 hours upon your Waiting List confirmation.

Shipment & Delivery
How do you dertermine the cost of shipping?
The cost of shipping is determine by the volume size of the artwork and, the delivery location. Smaller artworks will cost less, while larger artwork (especially if the piece require particular crating or packaging material) will cost more to ship. We require full delivery address in order to provide you with a Shipping Quotation. The quotation will be sent to your email within 3 working days. Once you have accepted the shipping quotation, we will send you a Shipping Invoice you within 2 working days, and upon receiving your payment confirmation we will ship and deliver your artwork.
How do you handle duties and taxes?
For customers ordering from outside Indonesia, any relevant duties and taxes will be included in the shipping and delivert charge.
What is your return policy?
We accept artwork returns for damages that occur during shipping. Return due to other causess are determined on a case by case basis. Please contact us at and we will repond within 3 working days.

In the unfortunate event that your artwork ariives in a less than satisfactory condition, simply take a picture of the package and the artwork before signing and accepting the delivery order, and send the digital image to

In the case of an artwork being return, the shipping cost and charges, unfortunately cannot be refunded. The shipping cost and other additional charges for returning artworks will be the responsibility of the customer.

Once you have signed for the delivery, returns are not allowed.

I ordered multiple artworks, and to be more cost effective can they be shipped together in the same shipment?
Generally, we dont ship multiple artworks in one shipment. This is because the artworks are not located in one centralized facility, and therefore, they will be ship out from various locations. If you have more questions regarding the shipment of multiple artworks please contact us at for more assistance.
When will my artwork be delivered?
Once the payment of the Shipment Invoice have been completed, the artwork will generally be delivered within 21 days. You will receive a Delivery Confirmation via email, in which you will be given a tracking number to check the status of your order.
Do I need to be home to receive the artwork?
Yes, due to the valuable nature of the order, we require a direct signature by you or someone you trust to sign for your delivery.