Tuyuloveme is an Indonesian artist who began his artistic practice on the streets of Yogyakarta
creating work in between the art and graffiti aesthetic. He has been painting his unique style religiously on the streets for over ten years. He started developing his own character, the TUYUL, in 2009. It represents an alter-ego, a self-portrait of sorts, popping up on walls and street corners in different places. His visual style is often depicted as organized, expressive, and chaotic at the same time; it is almost like a mirror to his personality in real life.

You may find his artistic works on the walls or corners of streets in major cities all over Indonesia,
Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. His career has been nourished and influenced by extensive
travels and an ability to work and collaborate with other artists. Tuyuloveme has been featured in
national and international events with a number of solo exhibitions.


Growing with the Flow

  • 150 cm (H) x 200 cm (W)