Abenk Alter

Born in 1985 Jakarta, Indonesia, Abenk Alter began his artistic exploration through painting. His work questions, what does it mean to be a creative being in a multifaceted environment? His visual discourses are addressed through various themes on family dynamics, social and political issues that exist within the urban setting. The grounds in which his viewpoints are manifested, stems from his studies of Sufism. It is understood that the human potential can be further explored through the arts, leading the individual to a state of self-awareness.

In his daily journal Abenk has developed a visual language of fast lines, abstractions, and figurative symbols. They convey a rhythmic awareness that interweave the conscious and the sub-conscious in a landscape of the imaginal world.

Abenk Alter

Wellness Plug In

  • 105 cm (H) x 75 cm (W)
Abenk Alter

No Worries

  • 54 cm (H) x 49 cm (W)