Natisa Jones

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Natisa Jones (b. 1989) spends most of her time creating and immersing between Bali, Indonesia, and Amsterdam. Her paintings explore themes concerning identity and the fundamental human experience of the emotional journey. Natisa's visual narrative expands from internal conversations within the subconscious making the medium a landscape to contextualize her surroundings. Incorporating text as imageries, Natisa offer further visual engagement through candid expressions.

Phrases in English, French, Indonesian and Spanish grace parts of her works, a reflection of a spontaneous articulative mind. Her practice eludes a sense of concern often raised by the millennials, topics regarding women, or explicit personal experiences. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions in various cities including Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Melbourne and Berlin. Her pieces range from small prints and works on paper to large-scale canvases. She uses mixed media such as collage, ink, graphite and acrylic paint.